Kidney care!

Kidney diseases are silent killers, which will largely affect quality of life. There are however several easy ways to reduce the risk of developing kidney disease.



The multitude of changes that occur in a pregnant woman’s body can have a wide variety of effects on the expecting mother’s health. Some changes result in an improvement in the health whilst other changes can pose a threat to the woman’s health. Anaemia is one of the effects of pregnancy which may adversely affect the woman’s health. It is therefore advisable that pregnant women are monitored and screened for signs of anaemia in order to avoid complications.

health and nutrition

Health and Nutrition

Nutritional requirements increase during pregnancy as the mother must also provide sufficient nutrients to sustain her growing foetus. This article discusses the more serious deficiencies and the recommendations for supplementation and diet during pregnancy.

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Lumps in your breast at age 15?

“The only thing running through my mind was how I was too young to even be hearing all of this. However, it was too late; the results were in and I was about to walk into a whole new world – the oncology world,” she said.


Inaugural World Thrombosis Day

The mission of World Thrombosis Day is to increase awareness of thrombosis as the cause of the top cardiovascular killers globally and, ultimately, to reduce deaths and disabilities from thromboembolic disease through a greater awareness of its causes, risk factors, signs and symptoms, and evidence-based prevention and treatment.


Haemorrhagic Fevers

Haemorrhagic fevers are illnesses, usually caused by viral infections, which are characterised by fevers and bleeding.
Excluding viral causes, other causes of haemorrhagic fevers are rare but may include bacterial infections, such as scrub typhus. Due to the rarity of other causes, this article will deal only with viral causes of haemorrhagic fevers.


Ebola and Marburg Viruses

Ebola and Marburg are both viral haemorrhagic fevers. They both belong to the filovirus family.
• This family of viruses is so named because, when viewed under an electron microscope, extensions resembling filaments can be seen on the virus.
• The viruses are 2 of the most virulent viruses known to affect humans.
• There are many similarities in their presentation, pathogenesis and treatment which is why the two are discussed together in one article

Dermatology Nurses Workshop – overview of the day

Understanding the importance of diagnosing the correct skin problems you are presented with is vitally important. The various topics discussed at the Dermatology Nurse Workshop on 21 August imparted the very information that is dealt with at any primary health care clinic countrywide on a daily basis.


South African Thoracic Society Smoking Cessation Guideline

The new smoking cessation guidelines were recently published by the South African Thoracic Society.

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